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Hartzell Engine Technologies

Hartzell Engine Technologies



Aircraft Alternators

As the OEM, Hartzell offers factory new alternators engineered specifically to meet the challenges and increased demands of today’s aircraft electrical systems. Each unit is aviation designed & developed, no automotive parts used. For decades our alternators have been powering Lycoming/Continental engines with unmatched performance and reliability.

ES4000 Series Alternator

Lightweight Alternators Available

All aircraft quality parts – no automotive parts! High altitude brushes, Weight 7 lbs. High speed bearings High temperature varnish on rotor and stator, No modifications necessary for Retro-fit into any existing Ford style applications.

Starter Lines

Every Hartzell starter line reveals true aviation design/development and are capable of being maintenance free to your Lycoming engine’s TBO… and beyond. Each of our aircraft starters provide High Torque, Low Inrush & Operating Current Draw, and a Superior Duty Cycle. Along with major weight savings from the old Prestolite heavyweights, the new Hartzell starters are suitable for installation on all Lycoming engines without modification.


E-Drive X-Drive

High Performance Armature

  • Increased commutator bar length
  • Thin laminations
  • High quality magnetic alloy

12 & 24 volt winding configuration

Redesigned Brush Holder

  • Metal construction for heat sinking
  • Offset brush position for increased brush contact area

Robust spring design

High performance field housing

  • Rare earth neodymium magnets
  • Small package
  • Stronger flux field

Improved temperature stability

Lightweight Starters

FAA/PMA approved for Lycoming 235 through 540 series engines. FAA/PMA approved for Continental 360 through 550 series engines.

Permanent Magnet (12v or 24v) starter for general aviation aircraft. Lightweight with no compromise in quality, these starters are designed and tested for TBO life. Standard 2 year, 1000 hour warranty. Draws less amperage than lightweight competition. Cranks at 110 RPM engine speed per manufacturers specifications with 80+ ft. lbs. of torque. Bench tested through five starts for quality assurance before shipping. Improved Drive provides “kick-out” with less than fully charged battery. Planetary Gear Reduction for optimum speed, torque and long life (Lycoming). Large non-automotive motor designed to crank hard to start aircraft piston engines. Overhaul kit, Manual and Piece Parts available.


Lamar starters are FMA and PMA approved in continental and Lycoming engines. The lamar starter is the most durable starter in the industry. Designed and built to engine manufacturer specifications.

Lamar Starter

Lamar Starter






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