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Tempo manufactures a complete line of marine spray paint, features color matches for all popular makes and models.

Tempo’s unique Fan spray valve covers more area, more evenly and faster. Because the user can hold the can only 6-8 inches from the surface to be painted. There is more accuracy and less over spray. Exact match to OEM color standards. Gasoline and abrasion resistant.

Aviation Coatings

Epoxy Propeller Coating

A-150           Flat Black

A-151           Grey Hartzell

Tempo Paint Products

Tempo Paint Products

A-152           White

Aircraft Engine Enamel

A-219           Lycoming Grey

A-239          Olds Continental Gold

A-241           Gross Black

Aircraft Laquer

A-808          Dull Aluminum

A-810          Flat Black

Self Etch Primer

A-880          Grey

Aircraft Enamel

A-1100        Black

A-1102         Flat Black

A-1105         Medium Grey

A-1107        Flat White

A-1109         Gross White

A-1120         Red

A-1140*       Aluminum

Aircraft Primers – Zinc Phosphate Primers

A-701           Yellow

A-702           Green